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Pop's Authentic Cajun Beef Jerky

Pop's Authentic Cajun Beef Jerky

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Cajun-flavored beef jerky is a fantastic fusion of the smoky, savory, and spicy elements that define Cajun cuisine. It's a flavorful and portable option for those who appreciate the bold taste of Cajun-spiced meats.


4 - 4oz Packages

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  • Ingredients: Beef, Soy Sauce (water.soybeans.wheat.salt.sodium Benzoate as a preservative).Water.Seasoning(Salt.Sugar.Hydrolyzed Soy Protein.Spices.Sodium Erythorbate.Spice Extractives).Crushed Red Pepper.Sodium Nitrite. COATED WITH: Potassium Sorbate to increase shelf life.