A pile of chopped beef sticks.

High-Protein and Handcrafted Artisan Meat Snacks.

Our Snack Sticks are made from beef and pork, spices, and not a whole lot more. They’re a great snack for kids and adults who are on the go!

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  • "Tried and True Brand"

    Our neighbor introduced our family to Pops meat sticks and will never choose another brand!  Truly, we prefer the flavor, the ingredients and the taste of Pops over any other brand (and we are meat stick connoisseurs)!  We’ve tried a lot of different brands that often are dry, too spicy or lack flavor and always come back to Pop’s as our family favorite.  They are the perfect sized snack that can tie us over between meals, while out at sports games, the park, etc. We also love supporting local — so thanks for being a tried and true brand. We’ll always be a Pop’s family! 


  • "Our Hometown Favorite"

    I love a good meat stick! Pop's meat sticks aren't just good; they're great! My favorites are Pop's Original and Pop's Peppered meat sticks. I often enjoy one or two throughout the course of a day as a tasty snack. They taste great and are good for you at the same time. Keep 'em coming! Our hometown favorite right here in New Franklin, MO!
    - Gregory

A black and white photo of the Jennings Family in the original meat shop.

Our Story

Jennings Premium Meats began in 1954 with brothers-in-law Oscar "Pop" Jennings and Orville Struchtemeyer. In 1988, we debuted a variety of processed meat products, including our famous Pop's Snack Sticks. Today, we have four delicious varieties for you to try.

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