At Pop’s Authentic, our goal is to create delicious, high-quality snacks that our customers know are made with organic ingredients, quality cuts of meat, and amazing flavors. Since 1988, we’ve worked hard to bring our passion for great snacks to everything we do. Our snacks have been crafted in small batches right here at headquarters in New Franklin, Missouri since we began! Keep reading to get to know Pop’s Authentic a bit better and to see who we are!

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What We Offer

At Pop’s Authentic, we’re proud to offer high-protein, handcrafted artisan meat snacks in the form of our delectable Snack Sticks or in the classic jerky form. Our Snack Sticks are made from beef and pork, spices, and not a whole lot more; we know that keeping things simple in our snacks means that the quality of our ingredients can shine through. Our Snack Sticks and jerky are great snacks for all kinds of occasions, whether it’s an after-school snack for your kiddos or a great way to refuel when out on the hiking trails!

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Our Story

Jennings Premium Meats began in 1954 with brothers-in-law Oscar "Pop" Jennings, and Orville Struchtemeyer. We’ve come a long way since those days and In 1988, our team debuted a variety of processed meat products, including our famous Pop's Snack Sticks, that became a hit! With our dedication to providing great products to our customers, we’ve continued our business and today, we have four delicious varieties of Snack Stick and two jerky flavors for customers to try.

Try Your New Favorite Snacks Today

At Pop’s Authentic, we believe that you can’t go wrong with great flavors, simple ingredients, and organic meats. Our original Snack Sticks and jerkies are a delicious staple for every family’s pantry, and they’ll help to keep your family fueled and happy whenever you’re on the go! Order one of our flavors today, build your own case of flavors in our Snack Sticks, or try our All In One Sampler to try all of our flavors!